M405_Student Free Design Activities (One Health on-site Training)



Credits ( if register as Inter Graduate School Classes Coursd of Hokkaido University ): 2
Instructor name (Affiliation)
石塚 真由美 (北海道大学大学院獣医学研究院 毒性学教室)
Mayumi ISHIZUKA (Laboratory of Toxicology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University)
責任教員連絡先(メール)/Instructor email ishizum*
責任教員連絡先(電話)/Instructor phone 011-706-6949
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実施期間/Periods Periods will vary for each activity
Language English
実施場所/Class Locations Locations will vary for each activity

Class Information


One Health/One Health approachについて、実践的な経験を積むために、One Health SeminarおよびOne Health transferable skill trainingを修了した学生を対象として、学生自身が学外機関でOne Health/One Health approachに関する活動を計画して実施する。学外機関は国内外の民間、行政、教育研究機関、非営利団体など広く想定している。One Health/One Health approachが異分野間の協働が重要であることを意識して、学生が興味を持つ分野で、学生自らが活動を希望する機関と連絡調整を行い活動計画を策定する。活動計画はOne Health Ally Course運営委員会委員を中心に構成されるad hoc委員会で審査し、承認が得られた活動に対して上限額を設定して旅費、宿泊費を支給する。活動終了後は、活動の内容、成果、および今後の課題等についてレポートを作成・提出するとともに、公開での活動報告会での発表を行い、経験を関係各位と共有する。


To gain practical experience on the One Health/One Health approach, students who have completed the One Health Seminar and One Health transferable skills training will plan their own off-campus activities related to One Health/One Health approach. Off-campus organizations include a wide range of domestic and international private sector, government, educational and research institutions, and non-profit organizations, etc. Recognizing the importance of inter-disciplinary collaboration in the "One Health/One Health" approach, students themselves will make their own activity plan in their field of interest by coordinating with organizations in which they would like to engage in activities. Activity plans are reviewed by the ad hoc committee consisting mainly of One Health Ally Course Steering Committee members, and if approved, travel and accommodation expenses will be paid under the rule of HU with a maximum amount set. After the activity, the students have to prepare a report on the content, results, and future problem that need to be addressed, as well as make a presentation at an open reporting session to share their experiences with other students.



活動計画時点で、One Healthセミナー(サブモジュール1)を修了しているか、あるいは修了見込みであること。また、原則として、One Healthトランスファラブル・スキル・トレーニング(サブモジュール2)を修了しているか、あるいは修了見込みであること。 ※WISE生、フルコースの学生は、原則D3以上とする。


At the time of application of activity plan, students must have completed, or be expected to complete One Health Seminar (Submodule 1). In principle, students should have completed, or be expected to complete One Health transferable skill training (Submodule 2). ※As a general rule, D3 and D4 students taking a Full course are eligible to apply.

Schedule and Activities


  1. 学生自身が実施機関と協議しながら活動計画を策定
  2. 活動計画をad hoc委員会が審査
  3. 必要に応じて活動計画を修正
  4. ad hoc委員会が活動を承認
  5. 活動計画に則って活動を実施
  6. 報告書の提出
  7. 公開活動報告会で活動内容を口頭発表

AllyコースSFDA手続き AY2023.pdfをダウンロード


  1. Students make their own activity plans in discussion with their supervisor and the counterpart at the off-campus organization.
  2. ad hoc committee reviews the activity plan.
  3. Revision of the activity plan as needed.
  4. ad hoc committee approves activities.
  5. Perform activities in accordance with the activity plan.
  6. Submission of activity report.
  7. Oral presentation of activities at an open briefing session.

Downloa Procedure for Ally Course SFDA AY2023.pdf


  • Household joint survey abroad (Economics, Health and Veterinary Medicine)

  • Blood collection from dogs abroad

  • Overseas joint geological surveys (agricultural, engineering, earth and environmental sciences)


履修登録はこちらから。/ Click here to register. 

履修登録締め切り:実施日の2ヶ月前 / Registration Deadline:2 months prior to the implementation 

Class Information


1) 活動計画の策定を通じて、学外機関、他分野との協働の重要性を理解する。 2) 実践的な活動を通じて、One Health/One Health approachを経験し、必要な能力、思考態度を理解する。 3) 活動報告(レポートおよび公開発表会)を行い、準備段階からの活動全体を振り返り、One Health/One Health approachに対する理解を深める。


1) To understand the importance of collaboration with external organizations and other fields through the development of activity plans. 2) To understand the necessary competencies and mindset for One Health/One Health approach through experience of practical activities. 3) To deepen understanding of the One Health/One Health approach, through making report on activities (written reports and oral presentations) and reconsideration on the overall activities from the preparation stage.


- Students must submit their activity plans through Vetlog, TWO MONTHS prior to the start of the activities because it will take time to review the activity plans and complete the administrative procedures such as payment of travel expenses.
- Please discuss with your supervisor and the institution where you plan to have your activity carefully when preparing the activity plan. You must obtain your supervisor's permission to apply.
- The activity period is one week or longer. (Up to 13 nignts of accommodation fee can be supported by the WISE Program.)
- The maximum amount of travel and accommodation expenses vary depending on the country or region where the activity takes place, so please contact the WISE Program Office.
- Vaccination may be required depending on the country or region in which the activity is conducted. Only certain vaccines are eligible for support from the WISE Program. The cost of other vaccinations will be your own expenses.
- Students must purchase travel insurance.