M306_International Symposium on the One Health Approach: Environmental remediation on the risk-based studies in Zambia

Credits ( if register as Inter Graduate School Classes Coursd of Hokkaido University ): 2
Instructor name (Affiliation)
石塚 真由美(北海道大学 大学院獣医学研究院 毒性学教室)
Mayumi Ishizuka (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University)
責任教員連絡先(メール)/Instructor email ishizum*vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp
責任教員連絡先(電話)/Instructor phone 011-706-6949
Link to instructor bio or website http://satreps-kampai.vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp/
実施期間/Periods Aug 16-17 (TUE & WED), 2022
Language English
実施場所/Class Locations online in Japan (hybrid style in Zambia)

Class Information




We will share information on the progress and goals of what research is being done to solve the problem of lead contamination in Zambia. Researchers and students from Hokkaido University and the University of Zambia will present their research in the fields of engineering, mining, agriculture, earth environment, health, economics, veterinary medicine, information, science, education, etc. JICA, JST, the Japanese Embassy, and Zambian government officials are scheduled to participate in this international symposium.


Schedule and Activities


7月 シンポジウムの企画

7-8月 シンポジウムの準備

8月16-17日 内容の記録(報告書の作成)


July:Planning for the Symposium

July-August:Preparation for the symposium

16-17th August:Management of the day and recording of the contents (preparation of reports)


  • Pictures of the meeting (online this time)

  • Pictures of the meeting (online this time)

  • Pictures of the meeting (online this time)


履修登録はこちらから。/ Click here to register.

履修登録締め切り:2022年7月8日 / Registration Deadline:8 July 2022

Class Information


参加学生はシンポジウムの運営に携わり、One Healthに関する実践的な研究とともに、どのように国際的なシンポジウムを開催運営するのか学びます。


Participating students will be involved in organizing the symposium and will learn how to organize and run an international symposium as well as practical research on One Health.