Surveillance of foodborne diseases and antimicrobial resistant bacteria in Mongolia



Credits ( if register as Inter Graduate School Classes Coursd of Hokkaido University ): 2
Instructor name (Affiliation)
堀内 基広(北海道大学大学院獣医学研究院 獣医衛生学教室)
Motohiro HORIUCHI(Laboratory of Veterinary Hygiene, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University)
責任教員連絡先(メール)/Instructor email horiuchi*vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp
責任教員連絡先(電話)/Instructor phone 011-706-5293
Link to instructor bio or website https://vethygiene.vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp/
実施期間/Periods 2024年6月2日-6月12日を予定(最終確定ではありません。)
2nd-12th June, 2024 (Schedule has not been fixed yet.)
Language English
実施場所/Class Locations モンゴル生命科学大学獣医学部、JICAモンゴル、国立感染症センター、他
School of Veterinary Medicine, Mongolian University of Life Science, JICA Mongole Office, National Center for Communicable Diseases

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In Mongolia, there are few scientific data on prevalence and characterization on foodborne diseases and their causative agents, such as brucellosis, campylobacteriosis, enterohemorrhagic E coli infection and listeriosis, as well as antimicrobial resistant bacteria in animals. In this program, in cooperation with hygiene sector(s), veterinary school in Mongolia and JICA, we will analyze the prevalence of foodborne disease and characterize the causative agents including antimicrobial resistance. The activities will be carried out in cooperation with the counterparts in Mongolia. Aim of this program is to contribute to capacity building of counterpart as well as the progression of the control measures of foodborne diseases in Mongolia.





No need to have an excellent English proficiency. Sampling

Schedule and Activities


1) 渡航前準備(日本)

2) サンプリングの準備、細菌分離同定用の試薬類、DNA解析用の試薬類の準備(日本、モンゴル)

3) 農場あるいは市場等でのサンプリング(乳汁、血液、糞便、食品など)(モンゴル)

4) 農場での聞き取り調査(モンゴル)

5) 実験室での菌分離、同定、および性状解析(モンゴル、日本)

6) 結果の解析とディスカッション(モンゴル、日本)

7) モンゴルで実施中のJICA国際協力プログラムの視察

2024年度スケジュール as of Jan 30.pdfをダウンロード


1) Preparation before travel (JPN) 

2) Preparation for sampling, reagents for isolation and identification of bacteria, and for molecular analysis (JPN, MN).

3) Sampling (milk, blood, feces and food) at farms and markets (MN).

4) Questionnaires at farms (MN).

5) Isolation, identification, and characterization of bacteria (MN, JPN).

6) Analysis of the results and discussion (MN, JPN).

7) Visitation to the project site of JICA program in Mongolia (MN).

Download Schedule AY2024 as of Jan 30.pdf


  • 家畜市場/Livestock market

  • 実験室での作業/Experiments in laboratory

  • 遊牧風景/Nomadic landscape

  • 牛のサンプリング/Sampling of cattle


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履修登録締終了:2024年3月28日 / Registration CLOSED:28th March 2024 

Class Information


1) ブルセラ症、カンピロバクター感染症、腸管出血性大腸菌感染症、リステリア症などの食品媒介感染症、および薬剤耐性菌に関する開発途上国での国際共同研究を進める上での問題点を理解する。

2) 国際協力プロジェクトにおける、多機関連携、人材育成、能力強化の必要性を理解する。


1) To understand problems on conducting international collaboration on surveillance of foodborne diseases such as brucella spp, campylobacter spp, enterohemorrhagic E coli infection and listeria spp, as well as antimicrobial resistant bacteria in developing countries.

2) To understand necessarily of multi-sectoral collaboration, human resource development and capacity building in the international cooperation project.